Professional Fencing Done Right

Adding a new fence can increase your outdoor privacy, curb appeal and home value all while keeping your kids or family pet in your backyard. With many different styles to choose from, along with a variety of material, each has their own upkeep requirements.


Aluminum is a low-density, silvery malleable metal that is very good at resisting corrosion. Aluminum fences come in many styles and are ideal for damp, humid or ocean-side conditions.

As a metal, aluminum resists corrosion and is not affected by sprinklers, lawn chemicals and many other residential factors. Aluminum fencing usually comes with a lifetime guarantee and requires little to no maintenance. Aluminum fences come in a variety of styles due to the ease with which the metal can be shaped.

Limitations of Aluminum Fencing


  • Aluminum is significantly weaker than steel and are not recommended where very large dogs or rambunctious children may apply frequent or heavy pressure to the fence.
  • They are also not recommended as security fences or barriers against insistent intrusion as the fence can be bent and broken with applied force.